Friday, November 24
(10:00 - 5:00)


Saturday, November 25

Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 5:00

NOTE: The farm will close when inventory is sold out.

REMEMBER, fresh is best–if you don't visit us, please visit a Christmas tree farm in your area.


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Kathy Heeb, proprietor and hostess, offers a delightful country atmosphere where you and your family can relax, enjoy a hay rack ride, choose and cut a fresh, fragrant Christmas tree from hundreds of beautifully shaped trees and browse through our classic barn.  Located in the Lone Star Lake area, Southwest of Lawrence, KS.

Santa will be on the farm on Friday, November 24 from 1:00 - 5:00.


West County Route 458 (access off HWY 59 - south out of Lawrence) is under construction and may be closed during our selling season. There are 3 routes that can be taken.

#1) Coming south out of Lawrence take HWY 59 south to N 650 Rd/County Route 460 exit. Turn to the west (right) at the exit stop sign and stay on County Route 460 black top - NOTE: the black top terminates and becomes gravel in about 5 miles from the stop sign. Continue on the gravel road (which makes a sweeping curve to the north and becomes E 800 Rd) for about 3 miles and you will make a turn to the west/left and come into our farm. NOTE: Washington Creek Lavender Farm is in our neighborhood. Watch for Christmas tree signs and Washington Creek Lavender Farm signs which will assist you in finding us.

#2) The north and west route from Lawrence is as follows: take HWY 40 west to County Route 442 to the town of Stull. At the "T" intersection, turn south (left) onto County Route 1023/County Route 458. Stay on this blacktop until you reach E 800 Rd where you will turn south (right). At the "T" intersection (Church of the Brethren is on the right), you will proceed across the bridge onto gravel and in 9/10th of a mile, reach the turn to the west (right) to our farm.

#3) From Topeka, you will take 45th Street to Stull and turn right onto County Route 1023/County Route 458 and follow the instructions laid out in the last sentence. Watch for the Christmas tree signs as they will assist in getting you to the turnoff to our farm. Please call us if you need further assistance - 785-766-3181.



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We may not be opened if it is raining!!! Snow -- yes; Sprinkles -- maybe; Rain -- call before you come out (785-766-3181).

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